Sunday, November 22, 2009

Final Project Due Dates (including "The Zine")

I've just been told that some students were confused by the "Zine Presentation" listed for November 25 on the revised class schedule. They thought it meant the zine catalog for the "Exhibition in A Box" project was due on that day.

No, no, no! To give you some ideas for your own zine catalogs, on Nov. 25 I will bring to class some of the zines students have made for this project in the past. Your zines are NOT due then!

Recapping the schedule:

Proposals for Exhibition in a Box projects are due on Monday, Nov. 23. Proposals should include the subject of your exhibition, the story you will try to tell, initial thoughts and plans regarding items to be exhibited, your approach to collecting, your approach to visual presentation.

Final presentations, Exhibit + Zine Catalog due: Dec. 2 and 9 (sign-up for date in class).

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