Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Final Project: Exhibition in a Box

Taking a “postmodernist” approach, investigate the ways that institutions tell stories by curating a portable exhibition on yourself, a historical figure or a fictional character.

Think about how individuals embody epistemic themes (Madonna, for example) and how images, objects and artifacts are used to convey concepts and ideology. Our field trip to the Portland Art Museum on November 18 should give you insight into how curators and museum educators work. See the project sheet handed out in class for further information on approach (final presentations on Dec. 2 and 9).

Above are some images of similar past student projects, as well as the famous "Boîte-en-valise" by Marcel Duchamp (see video in resources links at left). We will talk more about the assignment on Monday. On that day you also will share your project proposals.

Proposals will include your choice of subject, reason for the choice, initial ideas on what objects and materials will tell your subject's story, how you will arrange and contextualize the materials, how you will contain and transport them.

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