Monday, November 30, 2009

Final Presentation Schedule

Wednesday, December 2, 2 - 4:50

Marie Lewis
Len Hendricks
Kirk Rea
Kristen Kohashi
Brian Caslis
James Mischke
Jamie Johnson
Natasha Stochem
Kirsten Youen
Owen Lane
Marissa Lauer

Wednesday, December 9, 12:30-2:20

Ida Galash
Tamar Monhait
Scott Rassumusen
Marian Perala
Jessa Rogers
Joseph Nessesian
Joe Trussell
Tine Pfeiffer
Cynthia Kimball
Sean Lovell

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(Potential) Discussion Questions for 11/25

1. How have changing concepts within postmodernism of space, time and identity influenced our relationship to the built environment? How have architectural practices responded to these changes?

2. Discuss the following statement:

"One of the primary issues that hovers over the concepts of postmodernism is the degree to which they are a response to the fading and shifting aspects of modernism and the degree to which they signal a new era … a new episteme, a new way of making art, popular culture, and buildings, a new way of writing fiction, and so on." (POL 343)

In other words, do you see postmodernism as a “self-conscious” reaction that will eventually (or already has) fold(ed) in on itself or a necessary paradigm shift that will lead to a more satisfying way of “being in the world”?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Final Project Due Dates (including "The Zine")

I've just been told that some students were confused by the "Zine Presentation" listed for November 25 on the revised class schedule. They thought it meant the zine catalog for the "Exhibition in A Box" project was due on that day.

No, no, no! To give you some ideas for your own zine catalogs, on Nov. 25 I will bring to class some of the zines students have made for this project in the past. Your zines are NOT due then!

Recapping the schedule:

Proposals for Exhibition in a Box projects are due on Monday, Nov. 23. Proposals should include the subject of your exhibition, the story you will try to tell, initial thoughts and plans regarding items to be exhibited, your approach to collecting, your approach to visual presentation.

Final presentations, Exhibit + Zine Catalog due: Dec. 2 and 9 (sign-up for date in class).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Final Project: Exhibition in a Box

Taking a “postmodernist” approach, investigate the ways that institutions tell stories by curating a portable exhibition on yourself, a historical figure or a fictional character.

Think about how individuals embody epistemic themes (Madonna, for example) and how images, objects and artifacts are used to convey concepts and ideology. Our field trip to the Portland Art Museum on November 18 should give you insight into how curators and museum educators work. See the project sheet handed out in class for further information on approach (final presentations on Dec. 2 and 9).

Above are some images of similar past student projects, as well as the famous "Boîte-en-valise" by Marcel Duchamp (see video in resources links at left). We will talk more about the assignment on Monday. On that day you also will share your project proposals.

Proposals will include your choice of subject, reason for the choice, initial ideas on what objects and materials will tell your subject's story, how you will arrange and contextualize the materials, how you will contain and transport them.

Next Monday's Discussion Preparation

We will be discussing Chapter 8, pages 307-328 in the Practices of Looking text. Please look over and think about the questions below before Monday's class.  We will break into small groups and talk about these questions. 

1.) Identify how modern and postmodern conceptions of the following differ from one another:     
identity/the body
the viewer

2.) The text mentions a few different theorists whose ideas have combined to influence our understanding of what postmodern culture is. Identify the main points that each of the theorists below make in relation to modern/postmodern culture.

Frederic Jameson
Jean Baudrillard
Jean-Francois Lyotard
Gilles Deleuze
David Harvey

3.) Was there anything in this chapter that contradicted or confirmed your ideas about what constitutes modern or postmodern culture?