Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to Idea & Form Fall 2009

This course introduces an approach to understanding visual culture and the language of images. With an emphasis on critical thinking and analysis, we will investigate the way social and cultural dynamics shape meaning and perception in art and design. We'll explore concepts by looking at examples from art history, contemporary art and popular culture, by reading and discussing and by completing related hands-on projects. Consult this course blog for updates to the syllabus, additional information on assignments, class work and for other resources.

We have made a link list of the individual student blogs. Begin and maintain your course blog to record and share your reflections, interpretations and reactions to our readings, discussions and project assignments. The blog is also a place to collect digital images, questions, links to relevant artists and issues, samples of your art work, etc. A minimum of 10 posts is required (1 per week). You are encouraged to look at each others' blogs, comment and exchange ideas.