Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(Potential) Discussion Questions for 11/25

1. How have changing concepts within postmodernism of space, time and identity influenced our relationship to the built environment? How have architectural practices responded to these changes?

2. Discuss the following statement:

"One of the primary issues that hovers over the concepts of postmodernism is the degree to which they are a response to the fading and shifting aspects of modernism and the degree to which they signal a new era … a new episteme, a new way of making art, popular culture, and buildings, a new way of writing fiction, and so on." (POL 343)

In other words, do you see postmodernism as a “self-conscious” reaction that will eventually (or already has) fold(ed) in on itself or a necessary paradigm shift that will lead to a more satisfying way of “being in the world”?

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