Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Are You Selling? Design a New Dollar Bill as a Sign of Our Times

Nations represent themselves through their currency design, using symbols, colors, textures, portraits of leaders, typefaces, decorative embellishments, mottos and phrases. Considering this particular sums up what you think represents current harmonies and/or tensions. Think about what we do or should value and take a stab at devising symbols that convey your sense of what we as a nation are about.

Take a look at a real dollar bill. Then make a list of at least 30 words that come to mind in a “stream-of-consciousness” sort of way. What are the events, issues, dynamics, concepts that strike you? Continue in the same stream-of-consciousness manner to collect associated images off the internet, from books, magazines, drawings, doodles, etc.

Using your list and archive , construct a “mind map” to graphically arrange relationships. Get visual with it by pairing the words of your list with images and symbols. Think about colors, fonts, graphic styles, etc., that will help you convey the idea you are working toward. Try to push beyond your first impulses and let the map grow as you work.

Working off your map, select the strongest combination of elements and sketch out a few potential designs. Consider scale relationships, use of photographs and symbols, use and style of text. Consider the “authority” of print versus the casual, homey, DIY quality the hand-drawn and hand-written. Consider how your color choices will contribute to the overall effect.

Your final design should be 6x11 inches and may be done digitally and printed or constructed by hand (collage, hand-drawn or a combination).

Mind maps due Monday Oct 5
Final due Oct 7

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