Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 4b: Cooley Gallery Field Trip

Wednesday, October 21 at 2:30 we will meet at Reed College's Cooley Gallery to view The Language of the Nude: Four Centuries of Drawing the Human Body. This selection of Old Masters drawing from the collection of the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento presents us with an opportunity to consider how image-making is shaped by and in turn shapes "knowledge" in different eras and different cultures. When you arrive, take some time to look through the drawings, thinking about our text's discussion of "realism."

Stephanie Snyder, director of the Cooley, will talk with us about the exhibition and about the role and art of curating. After our talk with Stephanie, I'll give more information about the next project assignment. Directions to the gallery (street map and bus line info) is in the resource list at left.

For Monday, write a blog post reflecting on the exhibition, specifically how changing conventions for depicting the human body through various eras up to the present reflect changing world views of the different historical periods. For additional work due Monday, see Movie Poster Assignment Post above.

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