Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Quote for our last discussion

In relation to our conversation in the Art Gym about the ownership of images and ideas of appropriation I came across this...

"According to Jean Baudrillard “the work of art is not threatened by its double.” Bootlegs and interpretations should consequently accelerate the circulation of ideas." -

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  1. Baudrillards' comment makes me think of art as having a purpose to spread ideas with visual communication as precedent to money worth.
    Thus having a free flow (bootlegs) or various perspectives (interpretations) of an art piece would be successful. In class we talked about how famous artwork is reproduced on personal items like shirts and cups and if there's an impressionistic scene of a bright and beautiful flower arrangement that is meant to make a person happy, why not spread the picture by any means necessary? The art would just spread its idea to more people and at more times.

    So, I agree with Baurillards' statement even though I recognize bootlegs and interpretations may overstep the financial value of art.

    At a parallel level, I imagine if words or language were owned then the "circulation of ideas" would be cut off because people could not express themselves to a full or well-rounded extent.