Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Week 8

These last few weeks of the terms we will be considering how things are categorized, collected, curated, and what all that has to do with making meaning.

For Tuesday 5/19, we will read and discuss "Collecting -- so normal, so paradoxical," by Matthiaas Winzen, taken from the book Deep Storage. Find it in the course reader after POL chapter 5.

Along with the reading, find a collection that you like, either your own, that of someone you know, or by going to a museum or historical center. If you are stumped, check out the Museum of Online Museums. Think about what appeals to you about the collection you have chosen and write a post with an image or two on your blog.

We will share these in class on Tuesday 5/19.

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  1. Collecting ... this is an interesting idea, because collections can be such a personal form of expression. Whether items collected represent what they were when they entered a collection or not, communicates a reference about who organizes and who decides belongs ....