Sunday, May 3, 2009

For Week 6

For Tuesday, May 5th, bring in your finished movie posters and read pp. 183-203, "Visual Technologies, Image Reproduction and the Copy" (the first half of POL Chapter 5) for class discussion.

Thursday, May 7th, finish reading Chapter 5, pp. 204 - 220. Bring in images for "Copy Cat," the next project: a well-known art work or cultural icon (pop or not) that you will copy and modify as a two-sided T-shirt.

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  1. Hi, this is Jenny Torgersen.

    I had to make an emergency trip out to Denver Colorado this weekend, for a family matter. My returning flight got swapped around in a technology goof, which seemed like a lot of those were happening when trying to get my tickets arranged. There was no more space on the flight I was trying to get on.

    SO! Got stuck here in Denver; I wont make it to any of my classes today. I posted my poster on my blog and I'll bring it to class on Thursday.

    Have a great day!