Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Project: Exhibition in a Box

Investigate the ways contemporary artists engage relics of “the everyday” by curating a portable exhibition that will function as a portrait of a either someone you know or a fictional person you create. In either case, your subject, and the focus of your exhibition, should somehow represent an aspect of the spirit of our time (the “episteme” thing). You may choose to work singly or in twos or threes (greater expectations for grandeur go along with larger groups). Declare your intentions with a brief proposal on 5/21. See the project sheet handed out in class for more information.

Artists to investigate: Mark Dion, Sophie Calle, Pepon Osorio, Ilya Kabakov, Christian Marclay, Annette Messager, Christian Boltanski, Aleksandra Mir, Andrea Zittel

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