Monday, April 13, 2009

Reading, Notes, Responses & Discussion

Unfortunately, I am underwhelmed at the responses some of you wrote for Image, Power and Politics. I was even less "whelmed" to see that a good number of you have not posted responses at all and/or have not yet given me working blog addresses.

These readings and responses are a central part of the class and a significant part of your grade. I had said that I would not collect your two-column notes on the reading assignments if your responses were decent. Since so few are, I will indeed be collecting your notes on "Viewers Make Meaning." Legible copies of these will be due on Thursday 4/16, as will your blog-posted response.

Notes and responses should adequately summarize the main points of the material. Your opinions and associations are important, but they should be anchored in the reading: quotes, definitions, examples, etc.

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