Monday, April 13, 2009

Mail Art Assignment: What Are You Selling?

Reflecting on the reading, "Viewers Make Meaning," and the variety of ways that meaning is negotiated, produce and send into circulation (i.e., mail to other people) five postcards that reflect the role of the image-viewer as "manager, marketer, and bricoleur of visual culture's products. (POL 89, Course Reader)

Note that the reading goes on to state that "[t]he viewer who makes meaning does so not only through describing an experience with images but also through reordering, redisplaying, and reusing images in new and differently meaningful ways in the reordering of everyday life." (Italics added.)

With Ray Johnson and the New York Correspondence School as inspiration (see post below), appropriate, alter and redeploy culturally familiar images to "sell" something important to you. Cut-up, juxtapose, fragment, draw-on, edit-out.... Use text (questions, aphorisms, claims, slogans, exclamations) to sharpen your message. You may ask your recipients to "add to and return" as Johnson did. (Check out the new mail art resources in the resource links bar for further info.)

Scan your postcards before you send them (scanners available in the MAC Lab in Neuberger Hall, 2nd floor) and post images along with documentation of your process on your blog. Bring your finished cards and info about your mailing plans to class on 4/21. (Ask your recipients for a return response by 5/5.)

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  1. The daily looks create archives of images. We store these in our personal and cultural envelopes, these help us perceive meaning.

    The digesting of an envelope, involves; "...reordering, redisplaying, and reusing images in new and differently meaningful ways ..."

    When we can breaking away from a familiar image, and maintain some form of origin, we build another experience to look at.